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Fuel Pump Gasket

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Replaces: 27-34898

GM Fuel Pump Mounting

For GM 4.3L. 5.L & 5.7L

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Low Pressure Fuel Pump

Availability: 101 In Stock

Replaces: Mercruiser: 805025A2, 805025A6, 805656A2, 805656A5, 805656A6, 856955, 861155A5, 861155A6, 867755A5;

Volvo: 3850809, 3850810, 3854620, 3854902, 3857985, 3857986, 3858261

25 gpm
ENGINES: 4.3, 5.0, 5.7, 7.4 GI, GL 5.0, 5.8 FI, FL (Ford)
on bracket :3850861

High Pressure Fuel Pump

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350 Mag M.P.I. Alpha/Bravo/Horizon/MIE/Ski

4.3L EFI/Gen+ TBI/M.P.I.Alpha/Bravo-454 Mag M.P.I.

Bravo & Horizon

5.0/5.7L EFI/M.P.I.Alpha/Bravo-502 Mag M.P.I.

7.4L M.P.I. Bravo & MIE 8.1L/8.2L MIE M.P.I.

MX6.2L M.P.I. Alpha/Bravo/Horizon & MIE Black Scorpion

Scorpion 377 Stendrive Racing

Fuel Pump

Availability: 101 In Stock

Replaces: Volvo: 3854858; Mercruiser: 842725A3, 861676A1, 8M0073435; Bombardier: 0509407, 3854858

Flange I.D. # M60337

Replaces: 8M0073435

For: GM (V-6) 225