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Complete Trim Assembly

Availability: 23 In Stock

Replaces: 38100-87J11, 38100-87J20 (Suzuki);

5032670 (Johnson)

4 strokes

2 wires

Suzuki Engines: DF40 / DF50X-K10 (1999-2010)

Johnson Engines:

E40 / J40 / BJ40


J50 / BJ50


Complete Trim Assembly

Availability: 8 In Stock

2 Wires

Replaces: 36120-ZV5-821 (Honda);

437801, 435532 (Johnson)

Honda Engines:





Johnson Engines:

Heavy Duty, J Suffix

25, 40, 48, 50 HP (1992+)

Hollow hex. shaft.

Complete Trim Assembly

Availability: 24 In Stock

Replaces: Suzuki: 38100-90J11, 38100-90J20, 38100-92J00, 38100-92J01, 38100-92J02, 38100-92J03, 38100-92J10, 38100-92J11, 38100-92J12, 38100-92J13, 38100-93J01, 38100-93J02, 38100-93J03, 38100-93J04, 38100-96J00, 38100-96J01, 38100-96J10, 38100-96J12, 38100-96J12-000; Bombardier: 5033838, 5033925, 5034525, 5034526, 5034627, 5035113, 5035513

Complete Trim Assembly

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Availability: Out of stock

Replaces: Suzuki: 48503-96J04-000, 48600-94511-01T, 48600-94511-02M, 48600-94511-0ED; Bombardier: 0439935, 5005114; Yamaha: 63P-43800-03, 63P-43800-04, 63P-43800-05, 63P-43800-06, 63P-43800-07, 63P-43800-20, 63P-43800-21, 63P-43800-22, 63P-43800-23, 63P-4380003, 63P-4380004, 63P-4380006, 63P-4380007, 63P-438002D, 63P-43880-03-00, 63P4380003, 63P4380004, 63P4380006, 63P4380007, 63P4380020, 63P438002D, 63P438800300, 64E-4380010-00, 64E-43880-02-40, 64E438001000, 64E438800240, 68V-43880-03-40, 68V438800340

Engines: 3 RAM 115-225HP SHOWA SYSTEM

Model / OEM: 48600-94511-0ED