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Injector Cleaner

Availability: 101 In Stock

For all EFI / DFI marine gasoline engines.

Cleans deposits on all engine components such as fuel injectors, intake valves, manifolds, fuel pumps, carburetors, combustion chambers, ports, fuel lines and PCV valves. Reduce hesitation, stop rough Idle, reduce engine knock, Improve power & Performance. It also reduce emissions.

Bottle 12 fl. oz.

Treats 60 gallons

Availability: 101 In Stock

3 Bottles Pack

SAE 25W-40

Replaces: Mercruiser: 858049, 858049K01, 8M0061422, 8M0086224, 92-802839A30, 92-832113A6, 92-858049K01, 92-858049QB1, 92-8M0078620, 92-8M0078628, 92-8M0078634, 92-8M0078640, 92-8M0086224; Bombardier: 0779439

Bottle 3.8 l/1 gallon

Oil for Gasoline inboard engines.

This is an original product

Brand: Quicksilver

4-Cycle Engine Oil