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Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

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Engine:B 16 with drive 80

Engine:AQD 19 with drive 100

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Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

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Availability: Out of stock

Engine:430B,431B with drive SP-C, DP-C.

Engine:501B,570A with drive SP-A,SP-A1,SP-A2,SP-C,DP-A,DP-A1,DP-A2,DP-C.

Engine:572A with drive SP-C,DP-C.

Engine: 740A with drive DP-B,DP-B1,DP-C.

Engine:740B with drive DP-C

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

Availability: 101 In Stock

Engine: AQ171AC with Drive 290A,SP-A

Engine:230 with Drive 275,SP-A,SP-A1

Engine:250,251 with Drive SP-A,SP-A1

Engine:AQ 120B,AQ125A,B  with Drive 270, 275A

Engine: AQ130,131A,B,C,D with Drive 270,270T,280,275,290,SP-A

Engine: AQ140A,145A,145B with Drive 280,280PT,290

Engine:AQ151A,B,C, with Drive 290,290A,SP-A

Engine:AQ165A,AQ170 with Drive 250,270,270T,280,280T

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

Availability: 11 In Stock

Engine: 432A with drive SP-C1, DP-C1

Engine:434A with drive SP-C1,DP-C1

Engine:500B with drive SP-C1,DP-C1,DP-D1

Engine:501B with drive SP-C1,DP-C1,DP-D1

Engine:570A with drive SP-C1,DP-C1, DP-D1

Engine:572A with drive SP-C1,DP-C1,DP-D1

Engine:740B with drive SP-C1,DP-C1,DP-D1

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

Availability: 92 In Stock

Engine:AD31D with drive DP-D1,SP-C1

Engine:AD31L-A with drive DO-D1,SX

Engine:AD31P-A with drive DP-D1,SX

Engines:AD31XD ; AD41L-A;AD41P-A;D41L-A with drive DP-D1

Engines:KAD32P-A;KAD44P-C with drive DP-E,DP-G,DPX

Engines:KAD300A;KAMD300A with drive DP-G,DP-E,DPX

Engines:KAD43P-A; KAD44P-A with drive DP-D,DP-E,DP-G,DPX

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

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Availability: Out of stock

Engine:AD30A;AQAD31A; AQAD41A;AQD41A  with drive 290A,DP

Engine:AQAD30A with drive 280DP,PT,290A,DP

Engine:AQAD30A cardan shaft . 2 required.

Engine:AD31A,B with drive 290A,DP,SP-C,DP-C,DP-D

Engine:TAMD31B with drive SP-A2,DP-A2

Engine:AQD40A with drive 280,DP,PT

Engine:AQAD40A,B with drive 280,DP,PT,290,DP

Engine: AQAD40B / Cardan shaft . 2 required.

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

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Availability: Out of stock

Engine:AD40B with drive 280,DP,290,DP

Engine:AD41A with drive 290,DP

Engine:AD41B with drive SP-A2-C,DP-C-D-B1

Engine:TAMD41B with drive SP-A2,SP-C,DP-B1,DP-D

Engine:KAD42 with drive SP-D

Flywheel Casing Repair Kits

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Availability: Out of stock

Engine:AQ175,200B,C,D,225A,B,C,D,F with Drive 275,280,PT,280L,290,A,DP.

Engine:AQ205A,AQ211A with Drive 290A,DP,SP-A,DP-A.

Engine:AQ231A,B,AQ271,A,B,C,D with Drive 275,285,290A,DP

Engine:AQ255A,B,AQ260A,AQ290A,AQ311A,B with Drive 280,PT,290,290A,SP-A.

Engine:430,431A, with Drive SP-A,SP-A1,SP-A2,SP-C,DP-A;DP-A1,DP-A2,DP-C.

Engine:430A,500B with Drive SP-A1,SP-A2,SP-C,DP-A,DP-A1,DP-A2,DP-C